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The story of an awakening that
has become a worldwide movement.

On the surface, this is a book of words that conveys a pleasant melody. But underneath the stories, chords of consciousness are being strummed that will transform the way you think.

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HP_picI created The Avatar® Course over twenty years ago with the intention of teaching people how to live more deliberately. What the course did then, and does even better today, was to set forth instructions for identifying and using certain mental abilities that everyone more or less possesses. When these mental abilities are employed deliberately in exact sequences and combinations, they unlock the mysteries of experience. Students are able to make self-determined changes - near instantaneous in some cases - in their emotional and mental states.

After those first students experienced the power of the exercises, they told their friends, and the news of Avatar rippled around the world. As a result, the company that manages the Avatar Materials grew from three people working out of my living room to more than 12,000 people who deliver the course in 21 languages in 72 different countries. This is more than MY success story, much more. It is a new chapter for the world.

THE AVATAR PATH: THE WAY WE CAME is the story behind  the awakening of a worldwide movement. Read it. Enjoy it.  And then remember.

— Harry Palmer


Like most journeys, self-evolvement has a starting point. That starting point is the recognition that some (or even most) of your guiding values and beliefs are based on imitation of parents, teachers, peers, satisfied customers, celebrities, authorities, the successful, or even the world's failures.

The life you are living is a copy of someone else's. It is a patchwork quilt of borrowings and unconscious influences. When you recognize this, really see it, something independent of any mental embellishment awakens—a new self. You can call this new self, "I am." This ineffable spirit—authentic YOU—wakes up with a desire to explore its potential.

The articles and stories in the pages that follow are intended to illuminate archetypes in consciousness that will assist your growth. As you read, several things will happen: the expectations and opinions of others will be recognized and re-considered; personal values will be re-examined; and patterns of behaviors will change. And most importantly, YOU, that ineffable explorer, will begin awakening as a Source Being. This is a heroic journey.

The only provisions you need are courage, honesty, and perseverance. If people or circumstances have conspired to convince you that you lack these supplies, caches have been left along the way for you to find.

Right up front, I'll tell you a secret. As secrets go, this one is in the top ten. If it doesn't ring true for you right now, that's okay. Part of this journey is recovering the viewpoint that recognizes the truth of this powerful secret. The secret is nothing can harm a Source Being.

This isn't an easy truth to accept. The universe's position is that it can roll over you, grind your flesh up, or incinerate your consciousness any time it pleases. It can visit pain and suffering, or pleasure and happiness at its whim. It can snuff out your life unexpectedly. At any moment it can humble you into insignificance by its awesome magnificence. And always it demands that you follow certain of its rules or perish.

But what perishes? You are not a meat body. You are not thoughts. No thought or word can describe you. Thoughts and words are concepts and you are not a concept. You are not anything that can be named. What are you?

The universe can be broadly described in terms of matter, energy, space, and time, but you are not any of these. All definitions and descriptions are part of the universe. You are part of... well that's the question, isn't it?


BOOK I: Solid Foundations

Chap. 1: Hunting Realizations
Chap. 2: Before The Ash Falls
Chap. 3: Explanations
Chap. 4: Two Types Of Identities
Chap. 5: Manageable Causes Versus Plausible Excuses
Chap. 6: Finding Manageable Causes
Chap. 7: Break Your Jug
Chap. 8: Another Way Of Looking At Things
Chap. 9: Thoughts Are Angels

BOOK II: Shaping Reality

Chap. 10: Elements of Change
Chap. 11: The Mystery School Of Ra
Chap. 12: Getting Your Thinking Straight
Chap. 13: Connected By Time
Chap. 14: A Talk On Sensory Deprivation And Mental Bodies
Chap. 15: Preserving Your Creative Source Power
Chap. 16: Belief and Experience
Chap. 17: Primaries and Domains

BOOK III: Marketing Enlightenment

Chap. 18: The Evolution Of The Avatar Course
Chap. 19: The Beginning Of Avatar's Expansion
Chap. 20: Shaking The YOU Out Of The Mind
Chap. 21: Let Us Not Speak Falsely
Chap. 22: Source Being: Deep Awakening
Chap. 23: Why We Do This
Chap. 24: Spiritual Paths



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Buy this book, you will not regret it! It places you into the feeling of the Avatar course while learning so much about the most important aspects of your life and yourself. I love it!

When you are finished, call an Avatar master to continue your journey on the Avatar path, you will begin the journey of a life time and never look back. Thank you Harry Palmer for contributing this book as a gift to the world!

DevkirnKhalsaD. Khalsa


AndrewTuckA. Tuck

An amazing, life changing experience reading this book. I now have the paperback as well and am already reading for second time and getting even more insight into whats going on with me and my world. Thankyou Harry Palmer this book is a gift to the world.


I had a lot of insights into my life reading this book. The bit around motivation has been very helpful and was the missing piece for me.

CameronKayC. Kay


I have just finished the reading of Harry's last book The Avatar Path: The Way We Came. I have only one thing to say - Thank you Harry, thank you a billion times for this book. It's infinitely inspiring and reminding.

I've done Avatar for the first time in the 90's in France. It wasn't just a success, it was a real explosion. Avatar has changed my life by giving me a perspective which has never left me. I lived these last years by appreciating and enjoying the perspective Avatar gave me twenty years ago. - Marc



Wow... a beautiful book Harry, Thank you. So many realizations and really feeling the shift while reading it. Everyone should have a copy of this truly inspiring book. - Mary A.


Reading this book is like going to the planetarium and seeing all the stars and planets and suns, and sitting in your seat with total awe and excitement, and quietly knowing what to do next.

NeelaFalconerN. Falconer


MarilynAtteberryM. Atteberry

Reading Harry's new book is ALMOST like being in his presence and hearing him speak. I felt "dots" in my consciousness being connected in an organic way that reached both my mind and my soul. It is a must read for anyone who wants to operate deliberately from awareness in the world. Earth has been waiting for this book. Thank You Harry.


I had a great experience reading this book -- like the parts of a map all coming together... and exposing some new territory to explore at the same time. A BIG thank you!!

AinslieKincrossA. Kincross




I couldn't put it down. Harry Palmer explains the underpinnings, processes and typical results of the Avatar Course in a clear and concise fashion. This book makes an excellent starting point for anyone seeking personal growth or spiritual development.

I downloaded it so I wouldn't have to wait for shipping. The Kindle formatting was good -- even for my Droid. - Arthur BMG


I didn't finish the book yet but I want really to invite everybody who is wanting to contribute to a more compassionate world to read it. It will give you the courage to take your own responsibility.You'll feel that it's possible.

Harry Palmer explains in a very simple way how to evolve to a higher awareness. In the prologue he says about "beingness":"it begins with identity, evolves to "I am" and culminates in Source Being". Well, as a licensed Avatar master I'm impressed by such simplicity. This is what we are working on during the Avatar Courses. To create Source beings.

After reading this book you will understand why you want to register as soon as possible for the Courses. - Monique


julianawitteJ. Witte

I just had such an amazing morning this morning sharing the links to the e-book and bookstore with friends and family. I loved the book. It explains our complexity with a simple clarity that I find refreshing. It is helping me to give a lovely perspective on that "What is Avatar?" question.


I read the book on my flight from washington to San Fransisco. I couldn't put it down it was so amazing and afterwards I felt so present I was great! I lent the book to my sister-in-law when I got home and as she browsed it she commented how the book made her feel good. Truly amazing =) thankyou Harry
heidiH. Tyack


Please tell Harry that I liked his new book very much. It is a unique consensus of all the nectar in all the courses. I truly wish it becomes a national and world bestseller. The FreeMason ending was 100% a Harry happy end.

For myself Avatar has been and still is the most rewarding experience of my life, I use the tools daily in intuitive mode. The tools have become a part of me. Resistances evaporate. - Michel

blairB. Jacobs
It's a great book that will broaden the way we look at and experience life and the world and transform the way we think. It's about connecting the dots in our own unique universe. WOW!

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