To Avatar Course

HP_picI created The Avatar® Course over twenty years ago with the intention of teaching people how to live more deliberately. What the course did then, and does even better today, was to set forth instructions for identifying and using certain mental abilities that everyone more or less possesses. When these mental abilities are employed deliberately in exact sequences and combinations, they unlock the mysteries of experience. Students are able to make self-determined changes - near instantaneous in some cases - in their emotional and mental states.

After those first students experienced the power of the exercises, they told their friends, and the news of Avatar rippled around the world. As a result, the company that manages the Avatar Materials grew from three people working out of my living room to more than 12,000 people who deliver the course in 21 languages in 72 different countries. This is more than MY success story, much more. It is a new chapter for the world.

THE AVATAR PATH: THE WAY WE CAME is the story behind  the awakening of a worldwide movement. Read it. Enjoy it.  And then remember.

— Harry Palmer