To Avatar Course


BOOK I: Solid Foundations

Chap. 1: Hunting Realizations
Chap. 2: Before The Ash Falls
Chap. 3: Explanations
Chap. 4: Two Types Of Identities
Chap. 5: Manageable Causes Versus Plausible Excuses
Chap. 6: Finding Manageable Causes
Chap. 7: Break Your Jug
Chap. 8: Another Way Of Looking At Things
Chap. 9: Thoughts Are Angels

BOOK II: Shaping Reality

Chap. 10: Elements of Change
Chap. 11: The Mystery School Of Ra
Chap. 12: Getting Your Thinking Straight
Chap. 13: Connected By Time
Chap. 14: A Talk On Sensory Deprivation And Mental Bodies
Chap. 15: Preserving Your Creative Source Power
Chap. 16: Belief and Experience
Chap. 17: Primaries and Domains

BOOK III: Marketing Enlightenment

Chap. 18: The Evolution Of The Avatar Course
Chap. 19: The Beginning Of Avatar's Expansion
Chap. 20: Shaking The YOU Out Of The Mind
Chap. 21: Let Us Not Speak Falsely
Chap. 22: Source Being: Deep Awakening
Chap. 23: Why We Do This
Chap. 24: Spiritual Paths